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I am rwl, philosopher, programmer, and cobbler of text.

The author’s self-portrait, drawn in noradraw
Richard W. Lawrence
rwl + the usual commercial accounting symbol + recursewithless.net


Despite my name, please don’t confuse me with:

or with any of these notable people. The ‘w’ is important.

The domain

The domain name “recursewithless.net” is a play on some of my interests in:

It is also:


If your screen is large enough and you have JavaScript enabled, you’ll see rwlsh, a shell-like command loop for browsing the page.

If you’ve ever used a Unix or DOS shell, or a text-based adventure game, this should feel familiar.

If you haven’t, try the toc command to see the table of contents. To see more commands, use the help command. To run a command, press Enter.

rwlsh is an experiment based on a few ideas:

rwlsh is just some JavaScript hand-written by me. Feel free to browse the source, or send me a note with the mail command to suggest improvements!


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