I am rwl, philosopher, programmer, and cobbler of text.

recursewithless.net is a site by and about me. The name is a play on some of my interests in:

  • mathematics and logic
  • languages and language
  • computing and programming

It is also:

  • a metaphor for postdoctoral existence
  • a backronym for my initials.

Thanks for stopping by!

The interface

If your screen is large enough and you have JavaScript enabled, you'll see rwlsh, a shell-like interface for browsing the page. It's an experiment based on a few ideas:

  • hierarchical namespace: a document is a tree of named nodes, like a filesystem
  • local position: you are always "at" some node in the tree, and can focus on the local scenery there
  • command language: you change position and take other actions by issuing commands to the shell

If this is your first time using such an interface, try the toc command to see the table of contents. To see more commands, use the help command. To run a command, press Enter.

If you've ever used a Unix or DOS shell, or a text-based adventure game, it should feel familiar. Send me a note with the feedback command if you see a way to improve it!

The author's self-portrait, drawn in noradraw
Richard W. Lawrence
rwl 🜁 recursewithless.net
(with the obvious substitution for 🜁, the alchemical symbol for air)
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